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Kit Cyrix-ct 12 / 24V 120A Batterie-Überbrückungsrelais Satz

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Kit Cyrix-ct 12 / 24V 120A Batterie-Überbrückungsrelais Satz Victron Energy
Kit Cyrix-ct 12 / 24V 120A Batterie-Überbrückungsrelais Satz Victron Energy Kit Cyrix-ct 12 / 24V 120A Batterie-Überbrückungsrelais Satz Victron Energy Kit Cyrix-ct 12 / 24V 120A Batterie-Überbrückungsrelais Satz Victron Energy
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Kit Cyrix-ct 12 / 24V 120A battery jumper relay Set

Cyrix-ct 12 / 24V 120A microprocessor-controlled battery jumper (or separator). Relay for charging the second battery.
The Heavy Duty Battery Jumper automatically connects the batteries in parallel when the battery voltage reaches the set level (which in practice means the battery is being charged) and disconnects the batteries when the voltage drops below the set level (the batteries have stopped charging). Cyrix also disconnects the battery when it is overvoltage, for example, when charging is damaged. The main use is for example in caravans and ships, where there are two batteries, one starter and the other power. The batteries will be connected when the engine is running and split at standstill.
Cyrix-ct is an excellent replacement for diode separators (isolators). The main feature is that the voltage drop is zero, so the output voltage of the alternator or charger need not be increased.
Some competing separators operate on a pure voltage-controlled basis, so that in the event of a sudden drop in voltage (connecting a large discharged battery), it will disconnect, leading to system failure. Cyrix-ct 12/24 software does more than just connect and disconnect batteries based on voltage. Cyrix-ct 12/24 monitors the baseline voltage trend (rising or falling) and reverses the previous state only if the trend is changed over a period of time.
12/24 automatic adjustment
Cyryx-ct 12/24 automatically selects the voltage
Priority starter battery
Typically, the starter battery is connected directly to the alternator. Power battery (battery for powering electrical appliances in a car, caravan or boat) is connected to the starter using Cyrix-ct 12/24. As soon as Cyrix-ct detects that the voltage on the starter battery has reached the required level, it turns on, connecting both batteries and charging them with an alternator.
Two-sided voltage measurement
Cyrix measures the voltage on both batteries. If the rechargeable battery is recharged (for example, in a camping or marina), it will also be connected to the starter battery and both are recharged.
To avoid unexpected mounting situations or when one battery is disconnected, Cyrix will not switch if one of the batteries is less than 2V (12V battery) or 4V (24V battery)
Parallel connection in case of emergency (start help)
The Cyrix can be triggered by a button (not included in the device) automatically for 30 seconds after the button is pressed, or the wiring can be made when the batteries are connected for the entire time the button is pressed. Both can be used to achieve greater battery starting power.
Set includes:
1 x Cyrix-ct
1 x 6 meters of red 10 mm2 cable
1 x 0.5 meter of black 10 mm2 cable
1 x 0.2 meter black cable with 1.5 mm2 cross section with 8 mm inside hole diameter and 6.3 mm faston (connection of Cyrix-ct 86 output and battery)
2 x eyelets with 8 mm inner hole with insulation
4 x eye with 6 mm inner hole with insulation
4 x black cable ties
Continuous current: 120A
Maximum current (5s): 180A
Input voltage: 0-36VDC
Switching voltage (double values for 24V system)
Permanently open: <13V
Connecting voltage (delay approx. 10min): 13 ~ 13.2V
Connecting voltage (delay approx. 5min): 13.2 ~ 13.4V
Connecting voltage (delay approx. 1min): 13.4 ~ 13.6V
Connecting voltage (delay approx. 4s): 13.6 ~ 13.8V
Breaking voltage
Disconnected:> 16V (overvoltage)
Permanently connected:> 12.8V
Tripping voltage (delay approx. 3min): 12.4 ~ 12.8V
Opening voltage (delay approx. 30s): 12.2 ~ 12.4V
Tripping voltage (delay approx. 10s): 12.0 ~ 12.2V
Tripping voltage (delay approx. 1s): 11.0 ~ 12.0V
Tripping voltage (delay approx. 0s): <11V
Overvoltage disconnection: 16 / 32V
Consumption in open state: 4mA
On-mode consumption: 12V 220mA, 24V 120mA
Protection class: IP54
Dimensions: 46/46 / 80mm, 0.1kg

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